BarCharts Quick Study Guide

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Astronomy/Stargazing: If you'’re a budding astronomer and need help in locating that one particular constellation or choosing the best telescope to use, this 6 page study guide is for you! Jam-packed with great information, our guide details what you can view in the night sky —from binary stars to nebulae —and where you can see them. Also included are helpful tips and hints on how to properly stargaze, as well as charts and full-color illustrations.

Chemistry: With updated content and an additional panel of information, this popular guide is not only an essential companion for students in introductory chemistry courses but also a must-have refresher for students in higher-level courses. Author Mark D. Jackson, PhD, a scientist and university chemistry professor, has a gift for making the complicated subject of chemistry interesting and easy to understand— without the fluff. In this new edition, you will find more coverage of the subject, helpful illustrations, chemical problems, and practical applications, making this a study tool you won'’t want to be without.

Physics Equations & Answers: Essential tool for physics laws, concepts, variables and equations, including sample problems, common pitfalls and helpful hints.

Math Review: With updated content and an additional panel of information, Math Review includes hard-to-remember formulas and properties, along with numerous examples and illustrations to improve understanding. This comprehensive math guide will assist you way beyond your high school and college years.
Solar System: What is the surface temperature of Mercury? How many known satellites does Neptune have? What is the Kuiper Belt? Are there other dwarf planets besides Pluto? Answers to these and other questions about our solar system can be found in this jam-packed 2-panel (4-page) guide. Comprehensive, up-to-date facts―as well as full-color illustrations―about planets and other solar system objects are featured in our easy-to-use format.
Periodic Table Advanced: Topics covered include: ·11 by 17 Inch Sized Periodic Table ·Extensive Properties Per Element on the Main Table ·Color Coded Diagram of a Table Square Defining Properties ·Major Families of Elements ·Biochemical Periodic Table ·Example of Long Version Table ·Periodic Trend Tables: ·Electronegativity ·Atomic Radius ·1st Ionization Potential ·Electron Affinity ·Chemical Properties & Common Uses ·Major Natural Isotopes with Percentage of Occurrence