First Search Commemorative Coin

  • $10.00

This Commemorative coin celebrates Dr. Frank Drake's first Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in 1960 on the Howard Tatel 85-1 Telescope in Green Bank, West Virginia. The front side commemorates Dr. Frank Drake's pioneering efforts in SETI, while the first telescope to search for extraterrestrial intelligence is features on the reverse side. Completed in 1959, the Tatel 85-1 Telescope was the first general purpose astronomical instrument in the United States.

 This coin was proudly designed in house, then etched and pressed in the Green Bank Observatory Machine Shop.

This coin is #2 in a series of 4 to be released in 2018 commemorating 60 years of discovery and has a limited run of 200 for each design. Each coin is about 1" in diameter and pressed in aluminum.